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By Dr. Wissam Adada

Protoclinic has been established by Dr Wissam Adada and has been operating for the better part of a decade. We strive to be the best and most comprehensive aesthetic clinic in the region. Our patients are our priority.

protoclinic applies a holistic approach in treatment where we get down to the root cause of the issue rather than just treat the symptoms.

Discover Our Best Hair Transplant Treatments

Thick and Completely Natural Result

Our team of consultants at proto clinic are aware that the causes for hair fall  vary from person to person. Henceforth, we understand the individualized needs of our patients and treat them accordingly. There are multiple causes of hair loss therefore, we offer tailor-made treatments depending on the cause of your hair loss.

Proto Clinic takes pride in offering the best hair transplant services across the UAE

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FUT Hair Transplant


FUT (follicular unit transplant) is a method of harvesting hair from a donor area by taking a strip of hair and the skin. The hair and skin are then sliced and individual hair follicles are implanted in the recipient area. This method preserves hair density from the donor area.


FUE Hair Transplant 

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a minimally invasive method of harvesting hair from a donor site. In this method, we extract one follicle of hair at a time to then be implanted in the recipient area.

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Female Hair Transplant 

Female hair transplant focuses on providing women with beautiful, healthy, and lustrous hair, which help enhance their confidence. We provide our clients with a customised solution after studying their health with a vast range of therapies and treatments.

Why Choose Our Hair Transplant Clinic?

1)    Professional Doctors

Our professional doctors have years of global experience and specialise in hair treatments and hair transplant. As a result, you get the best possible results from the transplant.

2)    Advanced Tools 

Advanced tools ensure efficiency, accuracy, and a minimally invasive approach. These enable precision for extracting and implanting the follicles, ensuring a natural hairline. 

3)    proven Results 

protoclinic has many years of successful transplants and impressive results. 

4)  Affordable Package 

We provide affordable packages with stellar service. You can get in touch with our team and they will arrange a package that suits you.


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