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By Dr. Wissam Adada

Dr. Wissam Adada is world renowned in hair transplant and vast international experience in aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery gained while working with world famous doctors.
His vast experience in Aesthetic Medicine, and especially in Hair Restoration Surgery, in different countries spanning three continents with the peculiarity and the singularity of each of them to perform a procedure, or to make a diagnosis, made him grow as a physician and increased his knowledge which helped him better diagnose his patients and to give them personalized options to help them in their healing process and in improving their self-esteem.


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Full and Partial Hair Transplant

At Proto Clinic we use the latest techniques of hair restoration that reduce tension on the donor site, improving healing and minimizing scar formation. Restoration of hair on the bald spot is done artistically by striving for a natural looking whorl pattern (the circular pattern of hair growth) to suit your appearance and hair type.


Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplants can restore hair to the beard, mustache and sideburns where hair is missing or thinning. Beard restoration surgery can range from just filling in deficient areas to a full beard or goatee.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The eyebrows play an important role in our facial appearance. Thinning or loss of eyebrows may occur due to burns, repeated plucking, disease conditions, and hormonal imbalance or from genetic defects. Eyebrow transplants can offer a permanent solution to the problem.


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